Greg (gmalivuk) wrote,

Something Sophy wrote about George Tiller

I wanted to go to the vigil for Dr. Tiller, but fucked up on the time and missed it. So here's what a friend of mine wrote after going:

One of the women there had had one a few years back when she was living in Texas. By the time she could get an appointment she would have been in her 12th week, so he would not do it. She had no one to turn to and she could turn to Dr. Tiller. And he treated her well enough to help make up for the anti-abortion people who harassed her.
Another woman found out in the third trimester her son had abnormalities that meant he would never survive. Then her OBGYN told her he could not do it. She traveled 10 hours to see Dr. Tiller. He let her hold her son, baptize him, take prints of his hands and feet, and say goodbye to him. She was also harassed by anti-abortion terrorists.

Then there was a woman how had her first abortion in 1972, before abortion was legal. It had been the first time she had sex. She had to wait on a street corner at night. Get into a car with 4 large men. Drive with them while blindfolded. Eventually get out and go the the third floor of a building where she was given basically a bent coat hanger and some antibiotics. She had a fever of over 103 for a week, and had to have her nurse roommate get her more antibiotics from her work. When she went to a doctor 6 months later he shamed her and harassed her without telling her if she could ever have children.
I want to make sure no one has to go through that. It still happens in places were abortion is illegal or where doctors are unavailable due to time, space, and money.

He did important work. Work I am not sure anyone else really does (women from NY and MA have been sent to him in Kansas as well). He did it with respect to women.

He actually trusted women (and believed them for once when they said what they needed) and someone killed him for it. I would be willing to die if I could really help people like he did.
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