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Moved out of the Hive on Tuesday, into Nade's Walk-In Closet on Wednesday (Nade is what everyone calls Sarah, who is the other person living with me and Will, one of my former Hivemates).

I. Hate. Moving.

This time was made worse by the fact that we used our U-Haul to help two other friends move as well, and were lucky enough to have it be on the hottest day in weeks. The other two friends have first-floor apartments, at least, but ours is on the second, so that was a huge pain (literally). I think, even though it'll cost more, I'm going to pay other people to move all of my stuff next time I have to move.

Next onto the unpacking...

In other news, nothing much to report. Still at the same job, still enjoying all the people there. The most difficult thing about contemplating a different career path is knowing that I definitely won't meet people as interesting as some of the students I know through teaching, and that's a difficult thing to pull myself away from. Still planning to take the next actuary exam in December (I'll get around to registering when we have real internet instead of using Will's phone as a wifi hotspot), since I do know I eventually want to do something else even if the immediate prospect of a job change is unpleasant.

And... that's about it. I kinda feel like any more I'm updating this out of a sense of obligation to updating this, which is why it happens so infrequently. (Okay, so that's how it's been for years now, really.) But I do still read friends' journals, and will probably be back for another post here in a few more months. :-)
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