Greg (gmalivuk) wrote,

Damn racist nonsense

Republican senators sparred with Judge Sonia Sotomayor on Tuesday over racial bias, judicial activism and temperament as she presented herself as a reliable follower of precedent rather than a jurist shaped by gender and ethnicity, as some of her past speeches suggested.

I'm really damn angry that she needs to say anything of the kind. Are we to believe that those same Republican senators haven't let every decision they've ever made be influenced by the fact that they are largely a group of privileged straight, white, wealthy, Christian, cisgendered men?

It's fine if their privilege shows through every word they say, but they'll turn around and get pissy as all hell if she ever writes a single judicial opinion that's colored by the fact that she actually might know what the hell she's talking about in a case involving racial minorities or women.

She has to assure him that her "identity wouldn't distort decisions"? The fuck is that?

Kind of like the conservative Protestants who were up in arms about Kennedy being Catholic, as if they hadn't let their own Protestant religious beliefs color the history of American politics from approximately the very beginning.
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