Greg (gmalivuk) wrote,


Oh, and hey all. Things are going well.

Saw the fireworks again on the 4th with some friends and some of my students, and enjoyed that long weekend which was also the first nice weather we'd had in ages. Then on the 6th we started four weeks of summer schedule at GEOS, which means I don't have to start until 12:30, which has been nice for sleeping in this month, and for staying at a friend's bday party until 3am last Tuesday without worrying that I'd be completely dead at work the following day.

This weekend I went to Newburyport on Saturday for a music festival, and then to Plum Island that night for a small beach fire that ended up getting rained out. Sunday my friend Rebecca came down from NH and we went to see the Tall Ships on their last day in Boston. It worked out well, since she probably wouldn't have bothered driving all the way down just to see them by herself, and I wouldn't have bothered going the single train stop (and shuttle bus ride) from my house to get there if I'd been going alone.

Tonight I did trivia again in Malden with some friends, and our team came in second, which finally qualifies us for the tournament round in another month or so (we've been getting progressively better, but still usually missed the top places by 10 or more points). Could've gotten first if we'd gone with our guts on the last answer, though, instead of chickening out and taking 0 points for no answer instead of risking -5 for a wrong one.

Recently re-signed the lease for this place, which is a nice feeling, since it's the first lease I've signed again since 2004, and is already the place I've lived in longest since leaving my apartment in Ann Arbor. Still have a bit of a travel bug, though. There was some talk among my friends of Morocco in 2010, and I'd kinda like to go to Mexico for their bicentennial in 14 months. But I'd need to save up money for either or both trips to be possible, which isn't something I'm doing very successfully at the moment.

My dad's getting married on the 24th, so I'm going back to Michigan for that, and I invited Melissa, since Heather can't get the time off work and it'd be too short notice for anyone else from Boston. Not that anyone else here would be a better person to invite than her, since she does know my family quite well and was there for me after my mom died and a few times during the following Christmas season and such. While I love my friends here of course, there's definitely something to be said for people I've known and been close to for a decent chunk of my life, rather than just for the past 18 months or so.
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