Greg (gmalivuk) wrote,

Still Got It

Just finished the first actuary exam earlier today, and I'm about 90% sure I got every question right (I know I passed already, but won't get the official score report for another 8 weeks or so). So it's good to know I'm still really good at standardized testing.

In other news, I've signed a lease for a place near Davis Square starting in September. While the current situation (with 6 total living here) has been nice, everyone agreed that fewer people would be better, so I'm just going to live with Will (one of my current roommates) and Sarahnade (who currently lives in NH).

There's probably other other news as well, since I haven't posted in here since early April, but I can't think of any of it off the top of my head. I should probably just set up Twitter to go back to updating my LJ once a day, since I post to there from my phone somewhat regularly.
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