Greg (gmalivuk) wrote,

Okay, Fine

I had kind of wanted my first post of the year to be this year's book post, but I actually haven't finished any books yet this year. Part of me feels disappointed by that, since I got lots of great books for Christmas, along with a Kindle from my dad, but then another part of me remembers that I'm an adult and I can do what I want with my time, whether or not that's reading novels.

For the first month and a half of 2011 (plus the last couple of 2010), I was fairly busy studying (some of which I did use the Kindle for, while on the bus or train or whatever) for the financial mathematics actuary exam, which I took February 12 (and passed, though I've got another month or so before learning my actual score). That night we had a party here, for my birthday and my roommate's, which was the following week. (My other roommate had her birthday about a month earlier, and no party, so I guess that was included as well. (Does this paragraph have enough parentheses yet?)) It was heartening to see how many of my friends from completely separate social circles nonetheless get along with each other rather well, and are all a bunch of big nerds.

Speaking of being a big nerd, I rewarded myself for finishing the actuary exam by buying a couple of video games, and then when I finished those I watched a bunch of Buffy and Angel with my roommates on Netflix, and then much of this past week was spent on D&D stuff. Not actually playing, mind you (except for last Sunday), but rolling up and equipping and figuring out backstory for a new character, since my last one went evil. (Not as in becoming a jerk, but as in joining up with the lich that my roommate (who's running the game) was planning on having as the big bad guy for the campaign. So my roommate is going to use him as a non-player character and I'm making a new one who'll probably end up fighting the old one at some point.)

Also, last night my awesome friend Jess (who we all call Hanners, so if any of you read Questionable Content that should give you some idea of what she's like) had a salon (in the older sense of the word) at her apartment. Several people got together and had food and drinks and shared various talents with everyone else. I haven't seen the video yet, but there's supposed to be one of me playing the piano here. There were more than a few messy bits, especially in the middle, but seeing as I hadn't played that song for several years, and only got an hour or so to practice on Jess's piano yesterday before people started showing up for the party, I think it went pretty well.

Unfortunately, the first song the last performer played (on the violin) was the Tetris theme. So of course, despite all the other great music she and everyone else played, that's the one that's still stuck in my head this morning...
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