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Books of 2015


1) Gregory Benford and Larry Niven: Bowl of Heaven (paper, finished 01-30) Cool concept (if a bit Ringworld-y), but the book suffered quite a bit from what seemed like occasional editing lapses. It's like the authors occasionally forgot who was with which other group of characters or something. (Also the nerd in me is skeptical of whether Coriolis forces would exist in a structure as described.)
2) John Marsden: Tomorrow, When the War Began (paper, finished 02-11) A bit teenagery, as one friend put it, but quite engaging. I'm somewhat disappointed that none of the characters (at least in this first book of a series) noted the irony of modern Australia being invaded during the celebration of the anniversary of the British invasion in the first place. (There is one scene in the movie that hints at that, though, which I appreciated.)
3) Mira Grant: Parasite (paper, finished 04-11) Excellent first installment of a series. There's a twist I kind of saw coming from pretty early on, though, which lost most of its punch by the time it was "revealed".
4) Terry Pratchett: Shepherd's Crown (ebook, finished 09/28) Excellent, as everything in Discworld was. Saddest I've ever been to finish a book, though, not because of anything that happened in the story but because I know it's the last time I'll ever get to know more about the lives of these characters I've grown to love over the years.
5) Stephen King: Cell (ebook, finished 11/27) Great as King usually is, and the Boston-area apocalypse went well with my concurrent playthrough of Fallout 4. I'd bought the book months previously and then never got around to reading it for whatever reason.
6) J. C. Hutchins: 7th Son: Descent (ebook, finished 12/04) Unfortunately the only printed installment of a podcast trilogy (though I guess it's not that unfortunate given my affinity for audio books). Also downloaded months (years?) previously on the recommendation of Scott Sigler in his own podcast.
7) Jim C. Hines: Libriomancy (ebook, finished 12/11) The third book in a row that I downloaded way earlier on someone else's recommendation. I suspect I found out about this one through Seanan McGuire's tumblr, and I vaguely remember buying it because the Kindle version was super cheap, and because Hines himself seems like a pretty awesome dude. Excellent concept for a magical world, and it reminded me a bit of the Librarians TV series in its tone and subject matter.
8) Jim C. Hines: Codex Born (ebook, finished 12/17) Equally excellent second installment of the Magic ex Libris series, though with an unfortunately somewhat whitewashed cover. (The character pictured is repeatedly described as having dark skin in the book, and it's plot relevant that she be so, but the cover illustration looks like a Brunette white woman.)
9) Jim C. Hines: Unbound (ebook, finished 12/24) Even better third installment. Disappointingly the fourth one won't be out until early February, but I suppose I can read some paper books in the meantime.
10) Rick Riordan: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (paper, finished 12/30) The complete 5-book PJ series was a lovely and totally unexpected Christmas gift from a student, after I said in class that I liked fantasy but hadn't read this series yet.
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